Isabelle MALEYRE
Academic and Research Director

Entitled ESPI Reflections and Research (ESPI2R), this laboratory was created by a decision of the ESPI Scientific Council in March 2017. The ESPI2R’s work is built around two different axis:

The first axis, entitled Territories, layout and new centralities, mainly questions the changes in the territories’ organisation and operation, which are carried out by the redefinition of public policies on the one hand, and the digital revolution on the other hand.

In France, like elsewhere, the protection of the environment has now become one of the main goals of the city and territories public policies. This main goal offers a variety of particular objectives, including the fight against urban sprawl and its consequences, the densification of populated spaces. Thus, a first series of work started by the ESPI2R laboratory focuses on legal measures which encourage the densification of constructions and on their results, as well as on the functional and social diversity of spaces, support of a city ever more inclusive.

The digital revolution affects real estate in different ways, mainly through the end of intermediation, in other words the transformation of markets, but also through the appearance of new products and services related to collaborative economy. The study of these new products and services, how they change real estate professions, is the second axis, entitled Real estate production, markets and environment. The question of this second axis is not limited to the impact of the digital revolution, even if it has a strong visibility: it includes all types of transformations which have consequences on real estate products and professions.



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